Nicole Shelby
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Fresh updates to the Noyo Network and Command Center

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Today we're excited to share some updates about the Noyo Network and highlight new transparency-focused features in the Command Center. Let's get to it!

Big news for the Noyo Network

Part of what makes Noyo different is our commitment to moving the entire industry forward. As we deliver technology that's modernizing benefits data exchange, we also want to bring our deep knowledge of digital transformation to as many partners as possible. That's why we're proud to officially launch Noyo Advisory, a new offering for insurance carriers. We've made the framework we use to achieve high Sync automation standards available to any carrier who wants to become partner-ready. This means API-enabled data exchange, better operations, and a top-notch integration experience for partner ben-admins.

We look forward to welcoming new carriers to our network for Advisory engagements and helping them seize this opportunity to create real change.

Plus, an expansion with Humana

We're also excited to share that we're now supporting Humana's class-based life and disability plans through our platform! This expansion makes the magic of Noyo available to even more groups; talk to your account manager for more details or to get started.

Better visibility into API error trends

We recently added API-level errors to the Command Center; now we're upgrading this page by grouping responses by type and showing errors over time. Your developers will quickly know what's failing and can easily identify sudden changes in response behavior that could signal a major problem.

You can filter and sort these lists according to what's important to you. Don't forget to save your custom views to the sidebar for easy reference–just choose your filters then click the star.

Added context on transactions

When you send an enrollment through Noyo, we track it closely from beginning to end. Sometimes the carrier does not make a change exactly as requested because of their system's logic or rules. When this happens, our system detects the data difference and understands that it's expected.

We've now added explanatory text for these scenarios so you can confidently answer inquiries and understand a change's history. This text will appear on any member transactions where we expect that the carrier's data may not match what you requested, even when the change is successfully processed.

A good example of this is when evidence of insurability (EOI) is required: we know that the carrier will not update their data until the EOI is received, so we will complete and confirm the change as usual and explain why.

You might see this additional context on:

  • Effective date updates

  • Demographic changes that do not affect coverage

  • Changes to coverage that require EOI

  • Changes that will take effect in the future

If you use member snapshots to send changes to Noyo, this context also informs which discrepancies are marked as lower priority for your team. For example, a difference in middle names would be a discrepancy, but not one that your team is likely to be concerned about.

There's lots more to come on this over the next few weeks, including API endpoints for discrepancy management and webhooks to keep you informed in real time.

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