Nicole Shelby
Command Center

Introducing discrepancy management with Noyo!

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

The heart of the Noyo benefits data platform is our Sync technology; that is, our ability to read data back from an insurance carrier's system on demand. It's what makes our group connection times so short (3 days on average!), what makes clean structured data available through our API, and what allows us to confirm every single member change that comes through our system.

Today we're excited to preview the next big feature that's powered by Sync technology: Discrepancies. The Discrepancies feature is the first step toward our goal of eliminating carrier-generated error reports from your workflows by highlighting data mismatches as soon as they happen. No more waiting for reports, struggling to parse them, or–even worse–relying on members to uncover errors.

This feature is currently in beta with a select set of partners, but will be widely available in 2024 to any ben-admin using member snapshots.

Fix problems before they affect coverage

During the process of confirming a change, we might find that the carrier didn't update their data as expected. We flag this mismatch for our internal team to investigate, and usually they can get the issue resolved. If they can't, we'll surface the discrepancy to you on the affected members' page in the Command Center.

We assign each discrepancy an impact level based on how likely it is to affect access to care. You can dismiss discrepancies that aren't critical, or you can resolve them by reaching out to our team for assistance, contacting the carrier directly, or sending us a new member snapshot. Once the carrier's data matches what you want, the discrepancy is resolved and you've got peace of mind.

More to come!

We're in the midst of collecting feedback on this beta release and continuing to iterate. Expect to see alerts, API endpoints, granular detail on impact, carrier-specific behavior notes, and more in-product actions coming soon! If you're not currently part of the beta but would like a demo of Discrepancies, just let us know.

The Noyo team would like to extend a huge thank you to all our partners for your continued collaboration this year. We've got a full roadmap for 2024 and can't wait to share it with you! Have a restful holiday season and a great start to the new year.

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