Nicole Shelby
Command Center API

New! API responses and COBRA changes

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Today we're highlighting two releases that make it easier for developers to build and manage their Noyo integrations.

API errors are now visible in the Command Center

To see 4xx errors returned from your API calls, go to the Developer page in the Command Center and choose the "Errors" tab.

You'll get a chronological list of errors for both member requests and member snapshots, plus the ability to filter by error code, call method, and host service. You can use this list to...

  • View the results of test calls to our sandbox during implementation

  • Quickly investigate a failed member snapshot or group connection

  • Give non-technical team members access to error messages for better troubleshooting

Click into each error to see the relevant request JSON, error message, and link to the group or member (if applicable). Failed requests will also be listed in members' individual activity histories.

We've expanded COBRA handling

To ensure better processing of COBRA enrollments, we've changed the way that COBRA information should be sent in member snapshots. Check out the Guide for a full rundown of new fields and rules for certain scenarios. Management of COBRA enrollments will continue to be supported on a carrier-by-carrier basis; learn more on each carrier's page in the Command Center.

You might also notice that we've enabled primary care provider (PCP) information in member snapshots. This data will be accepted for Send connections; further instructions will be listed (if applicable) in a Send carrier's spec.

As always, reach out to our team with any questions on these changes.

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