Nicole Shelby
Command Center Fixes & improvements

New in the dashboard: renewal decisions

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Today we're making information about carrier systems more accessible by adding renewal readiness information to the transaction dashboard. Knowing when a carrier is ready to receive changes for the new plan year ensures that open enrollment will go smoothly and prevents group-level issues from delaying coverage. (Check out the original launch of our API functionality here).

Each group detail page now has a Renewal decisions tab, where information submitted to our API will be reflected. The tab lists the group's renewal dates, carriers, and lines of coverage; just click into each line to get more detail about its plans.

rr in dash.png

When Noyo syncs data with the carrier and determines (based on submitted expectations) that they have installed the new plan year information correctly in their system, we will display a status of "Ready for requests."

You'll be able to start sending enrollment requests for the new plan year with the confidence of knowing that the group-level information is accurate on the carrier side.

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