Nicole Shelby

New! Seamlessly manage renewals through Noyo

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

This open enrollment season, Noyo is streamlining the process of administering plan renewals: we’re introducing endpoints that confirm that policies are installed correctly with the carrier, plus we're giving you the green light when it's OK to send new plan year changes.

How it works

After you submit a group’s renewal decisions, Noyo will compare that data to what the carrier has on file. Once expectations are met, Noyo returns a status of "ready" and you are free to begin sending open enrollment member requests for that group.

This approach has the added benefit of ensuring that plan information has been correctly installed at the carrier, preventing group-level issues that can delay or disrupt coverage. If we do detect that the carrier has the wrong information, we’ll return a message that describes the issue so it can be resolved.

Learn more

Check out our documentation for all the details, and have a happy open enrollment season!

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