Nicole Shelby
Command Center API Fixes & improvements

What's new in the Command Center

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

The Command Center is one month old, and we’ve been adding a steady stream of (almost-weekly) improvements. Plus, has gotten a complete makeover! Read on for more, plus an update on our original Dashboard.

Here are a few Command Center updates we think you’ll find particularly useful:  

  • The action_required status is now surfaced in the Activity list for easy scanning and transaction triage.

  • Waiting period rules have been added to each plan’s detail page for easy reference. 

  • Copying member request JSON now preserves all formatting and doesn’t require you to expand the code block. 

  • You can create, enable, and disable API keys in the “Developer” tab.

  • There is now a radial chart beside each member request in the Activity list; it represents the percent of that requests’s component transactions that have been completed.

  • You can fully manage your team in Noyo, with the ability to send and revoke invites and remove users. 

  • You can create, confirm, or reject potential group disconnections in the Disconnecting tab. Plus, disconnections can now have a date in the past to better align with your own data.

A reminder in case you haven’t tried out the Command Center yet: you can go to and log in with the same credentials you use for the Dashboard. 

New documentation

If you’ve visited to look up an endpoint recently, you probably noticed that things look a bit different! We’ve completely renovated our public API documentation, with a special focus on the member snapshot integration method and clearer guidance on how to build to Noyo for the first time.

Still using member requests? Don’t worry: the member request endpoints are included in the new docs, and our original documentation will be available for a limited time. 

Saying farewell to the Dashboard

With the Command Center up and running, it’s time to say goodbye to the original Noyo Dashboard: we’ll be sunsetting it on September 1st. There's no action needed from you; you'll keep the same credentials and permissions, and the old Dashboard URL will redirect to the new Command Center.     

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