Nicole Shelby
Command Center API

Webhooks have arrived!

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

You asked for them, we built them: Noyo's first webhooks are live! Now you can get notifications straight from our API when important events happen, without the need to build separate polling or retry logic.

Check out the full documentation here. The first set of events we're supporting webhooks for are the core events of the Tracking API, which help you keep a close eye on all the enrollment changes happening across your book of business.

Need some inspiration for what you can build with our webhooks? Here are a few ideas:

  • Get alerts when enrollment changes start and finish processing to create a real-time feed in your internal tools

  • Surface data discrepancies in a broker- or employer-facing dashboard or task list

  • Use the timestamps of changes being opened and resolved to measure processing times for different carriers

Getting started

You can set up your subscription in the Command Center. Simply visit the "Webhooks" tab on the Developer page and choose "+ Create new subscription." After you define a URL and set up your security key, you'll be able to start receiving webhooks. Note that events in sandbox don't trigger webhooks, but you can send a test event via the Command Center when you set up your subscription.

What's next?

Webhooks won't be limited to events in the Tracking API; soon we'll be extending them to include group-level events like changes to a connection or disconnection status. Stay tuned!

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