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Self-billed products are now supported through Noyo

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Today, in partnership with Reliance Standard, Noyo is celebrating the activation of our first self-billed groups. In contrast to traditional list-billing, where the carrier tracks enrollments, self-billing requires the group to manage members and send enrollment information only when it's time to pay the bill.

Noyo ingests and processes self-reported enrollment data for Reliance Standard's groups and generates bills automatically, freeing brokers and group admins from calculating rates themselves with complicated worksheets.

If you're interested in having Noyo support your own self-billed products, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Plus, don't miss our newest partnership

Noyo and XP Health just announced a new partnership that leverages our technology to unlock highly accurate and up-to-date enrollment and eligibility data for XP Health's innovative vision care platform. XP Health will soon be available as a Sync carrier on the Noyo network!

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