Nicole Shelby
Command Center Connections & integrations

Noyo support for new Beam Benefits products

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

This week we're excited to spotlight our partner Beam Benefits, who is launching new short- and long-term disability products powered by The Hartford. These products make it even easier for your clients to offer a complete portfolio of ancillary benefits to their teams.

All of these new disability plans are supported through Noyo; you don't have to build to any new specs or block engineering time to update your systems. You'll simply enroll members using the unique plan_id that's returned from getting the group's plans.

Command Center updates

Additionally, we've made a few updates to the Command Center to improve searching, group info, and the group disconnection process:

  • You can now search by transaction_id in the omnisearch bar to find a specific member transaction and its details.

  • Dependents who share a first name and date of birth will be marked as "potential duplicates" on the associated member's page.

  • All carrier configurations are now viewable in a wide table for easy scanning.

  • Group disconnection requests can now be accepted or rejected in the Command Center.
    Tip: Use the "Status" button at the top of the Disconnecting page to see only groups that need your review and action.

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