Nicole Shelby
Command Center Fixes & improvements

Noyo is making mapping even better

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Hot on the heels of one of our most exciting launches ever, we're releasing improvements that will make even more groups eligible for mapping with the Noyo tool.

What is complex plan mapping?

Complex plan mapping allows benefits platforms to create plan mapping rules that contain more than just their internal plan name; the rules can now contain other system fields or carrier mappable fields they require.

complex plan mapping.png

There's no additional information you need to send in order to create more complex plan mapping rules; customers who use the tool will automatically get the option to add more rules in the tabs for each line of coverage.

complex mapping inline.png

If you'd like to see the Group Structure Mapping tool in action, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a demo, or drop us a line here.

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