Nicole Shelby
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Kaiser Permanente joins the Noyo network

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Today we're pleased to announce that Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest medical benefits provider, has joined the Noyo network as a Sync carrier.

Kaiser Permanente serves over 12.7 million members nationwide, and connected ben-admin partners can use Noyo to manage enrollments for Kaiser Permanente coverage written in all states except Washington.

Ben-admins and benefits software connecting to Sync carriers such as Kaiser Permanente enjoy:

  • Faster coverage: Groups are connected and enrolled in coverage in days instead of weeks. Ninety-five percent of member enrollment changes sent through Noyo reach the carrier within fifteen minutes; most are completed instantly.

  • Fewer coverage issues: Noyo prevents bad data from reaching the carrier and detects issues before they impact billing or members' access to care.

  • High automation rates: Noyo’s top-performing carriers automate 90% of member transactions end-to-end, reducing work for Ops teams and brokers.

To learn more and find out how you can activate a connection with Kaiser Permanente through Noyo, just reach out to your CSM to get started!

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