Nicole Shelby

Exciting updates to Noyo's API

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Noyo's API is always evolving as we build more ways to make insurance policy administration stress-free. Today we're sharing some big changes that we're very excited about!

Group installation endpoints are now public

Our Noyo 360 solution for end-to-end policy administration is all about automating burdensome manual processes. Today, we're publicly publishing the endpoints that make installing a new group with a carrier easier than ever before.

With these endpoints, you can:

  • Configure a group's agency representation, contacts, and location(s)

  • Create a new application with lines of coverage and plans for a group

  • Submit completed application documents

  • Check whether a group has been successfully installed at the carrier

Beam Dental is the first Sync carrier to support group installation over API. If you'd like to experience seamless group installation with Beam, just reach out to your customer success manager to get started.

Plus: an easier way to change benefit classes

When employees move or change roles, it's often necessary to change that employee's (and their dependents') benefit class. That’s why we’ve introduced benefit class changes via API for anyone with Guardian coverage.

Simply send the class as part of the carrier config block in any QLE request:

"carrier_config": {
"bill_group_identifier": "0000",
"benefit_subclass_identifier": "",
"benefit_class_identifier": "0014",
"bill_subgroup_identifier": ""

Note that each employee and their dependents must be in the same benefit class. Refer to the Guardian integration guide for more information about sending member requests.

Better docs navigation

Finally, we've reorganized our API docs to make key workflows clearer and make it easier to find certain content. Explore the full documentation here.

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