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Coming soon: easy account mapping

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

Mapping data elements between benefits platforms and insurance carriers has always been a challenge. There's simply no easy way to do it, whether you're building endlessly complex truth tables or writing tons of custom back-end code for each group and carrier.

At Noyo, we think it's time to solve this problem. Better mapping means faster group activation and huge efficiency gains for your team. That's why we're adding a Mapping tool to the Noyo dashboard, which will simplify and standardize the mapping process between any platform and insurance carrier. Here's a sneak peek of what we're building:

mapping in-post.png

This first-of-its-kind tool guides users through the data mapping process with an intuitive UI and easy creation of rules and conditions for account structures and plans. Plus, Noyo automatically pulls down the carrier's structure information for reference.

To get a demo, contact your customer success manager. And make sure you're subscribed to our Dashboard updates to get notified when it's live!

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