Nicole Shelby
Command Center Fixes & improvements

A brand-new way to explore the Noyo network

AUTHOR: Nicole Shelby

The magic of Noyo isn't just in the product experience – it's also in the ease of connecting to many insurers with one API. That's why we're investing in exciting changes to the Noyo network (coming soon!) and making product updates that bring clarity and transparency to carrier management.

It all starts with today's release: the brand-new Carriers page in the Command Center.

Explore live carriers, see who's coming soon, and get key info on LOCs and your groups. You can also use this page to see how your volume is distributed across carriers and plan your next activations.

Clicking on a carrier's tile opens their detail page, where you'll find their network tier; integration type(s) and LOCs supported through Noyo; technical specs; and the list of your connected groups.

More data at your fingertips

We've also made a few updates to bring important enrollment data into the Command Center.

  • Each plan now has effective start and end dates on its detail page

  • You can click on a group's location info to bring up a panel with the location address and when it was set

  • Each carrier connection for a group now has a configuration panel; this displays the JSON for carrier-specific categories so you can confirm they are correct without needing to go into backend code

  • Clicking into a plan will show you each employee that is enrolled in that plan

Plus, now that the original Noyo Dashboard has been retired, you can fully manage group connection/disconnection requests in the Command Center, including creating new ones and filtering the list of all requests.

That's all for now! As always, we'd love your feedback through the Command Center (just press f) or by clicking the link below to see this post on and using the "What did you think of this announcement?" widget.

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